Use cases and Restrictions of using Information Centric Encryption (ICE)


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What are the restrictions and the typical use cases of using Symantec Information Centric Encryption (ICE) with CloudSOC?

What are the restrictions on using Information Centric Encryption?


Functionality with ICE

  • Secure sensitive data stored in cloud services by encrypting content during an upload action (via Gatelet) or by scanning and encrypting content at rest (via Securlets).
  • Secure content on endpoints by encrypting sensitive content during download actions (via Gatelet), while preserving online SaaS application collaboration capabilities.


Caveats when using CloudSOC with ICE

  • You can configure multiple Key Servers, but only one can be active at any one time.
  • We recommend that you disable the Box Sync desktop application at the Box admin console.
  • ICE does not support selecting multiple files for download at one time; you can only download files individually.
  • When a file is encrypted by a Securlet-based policy, any modifications you make to the encrypted file, (for example by downloading, decrypting, editing, and saving it) result in a new version of the file. However, if you upload the original unencrypted file again, once the file is encrypted it replaces the original file, eliminating the file's version history.