Loading "Bluecoat" Host Categorization List from an internal web server


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


The purpose of this article is to explain a workaround that can be used when the SSL Visibility cannot download the Host Categorization List from the Symantec servers due to device/s interfering in the connection, such as a Firewall or a Proxy.


  1. In a local computer follow this steps:
  • Open a browser and access the following site https://list.bluecoat.com/bcwf/activity/download/bcwf.db
  • Insert your credentials (*)
  • Download the bcwf.db file in the local computer

(*) The username and password can be obtained by accessing the licensing portal with the SSLV's Serial Number.

Note: If you already have a Web Server that is reachable from the SSLV, go directly to step 3.

  1. For creating a local Web server we will download and install XAMPP:
  • Access to https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html and download the xampp installer.
  • Execute the .exe file and install XAMPP. In the XAMPP Control Panel we can start or stop the Apache Web server with the "Start/Stop" button. The default folder of this web server is C:\xampp\htdocs.
  • Open C:\xampp2\htdocs and erase all the files leaving it empty.
  1. Copy the bcwf.db file to the web server's folder and restart the web service.
  2. Test that the web server is running correctly accessing the file. Let's say for example the ip of the local computer is The test will be as follows:
  • Open a browser on the local computer and access to
  • Check the file is starting to download
  • Check connectivity between this local computer and the SSL Visibility
  1. Load the Host Categorization List to the SSLV device:
  • Access to the Web GUI form the SSLV
  • Select the "Policies" Tab, then "Host Categorization List"
  • Under "Host Categorization Database Providers" select "Bluecoat"
  • Under "Host Categorization Database Settings" select edit
  • Change URL to (change to the IP of the Web Server). Be sure there are no Username and Password set.
  • Under "Host Categorization Status" start the download.

If all the steps were followed correctly, you should start seeing the download percentage at the SSLV.