Some JAR files are corrupted after Disarm modifies files within the archive


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Messaging Gateway


Some Java JAR archives that contain files that can be modified by the Disarm technology can become corrupt after Disarm modifies those files. After the file(s) are disarmed, apps trying to access the JAR file may return an error.


Symantec is investigating this issue, subscribe to this document for updates.



This issue can temporarily be worked around by one of the following:

  • Put the JAR file into a password protected encrypted container attachment, such as a password protected ZIP for delivery.
  • If the files are from a known good source, place the recipient user in a separate policy group that has Disarm disabled.
  • Use a ZIP utility to decompress the JAR file and then archive the files with the ZIP utility again. This works because JAR files are based on the ZIP compression format.