Can There be a Mixture of Report Types in a CA Deliver Job Definition?


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Can there be a mixture of report types in a CA Deliver Job Definition?


CA Deliver - Releases 12.1 and higher


There was a modification made to Deliver 12.1, with which goes this statement:

  "As part of our continuing program of improving the performance and quality of our products, we have

   tightened the checks in CA Deliver to verify that all reports defined for a particular job definition are the

   same type of report (i.e., all BASIC reports or all STACK reports, etc). Mixed report types cannot be

   defined in the same job definition."                                                           


With the above, the recommendation is to (in the Deliver "Reports for Job" panels) adjust the report type settings:              

 . If some reports are STACK reports and others are BASIC (all blanks), the blanks should be changed to STACK,

   so that all reports would have a type of STACK.                                                         


Note: A STACK report with no Text Identification will result in a full report.