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Inventory not able to scan .OST file extension


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Inventory Solution


There is a necessity to inventory all the .OST files from a specific environment. Unfortunately the inventory process is not capturing this information from all machines.

It is noticed that a few machines are reporting the .OST file, but many others are not reporting.

The configuration about where the .OST file is stored can be different between machines.



ITMS 7.x and 8.x


.OST File being stored in a location not scanned by the Inventory default configuration.

It is needed to setup the Inventory configuration to scan the correct location.


It is important to validate if the process to scan the .OST file extension is properly configured.

To validate it, go to:

  • Console > Manage > Policies > "Find the place where your inventory policy is and select it" > "validate that the "File properties - manufacturer, version, size, internal name, etc." is selected"


  • Click the "Advanced" button in the right side of the page.
  • It will open a new page. Click in the "File Properties Scan Settings" tab
  • It will show three (3) more tabs, called "Drivers", "Folders" and "Files"


  • You need to make sure that the "Driver" and "Folder" are configured to be scanned.
    • There are times that the needed folder is set to no be scanned. It need to be changed in the "Folders" tab.
  • Do all the adjustments that you need to do and go to the "Files" tab.
  • In this tab you will have the opportunity to set the Outlook file to be scanned.
    • Even if you set the file to be scanned, if the folder where it is stored is set to not be scanned, the Inventory process will not find that file.


This process should be sufficient to solve this issue, and also many others that many rise.

Even if using this process you are not able to collect the needed information, you may try the process in the following articles: HOWTO10487 HOWTO123443