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Data-in-Motion Response Rules are not working for your Cloud Detection Service for CASB


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Data Loss Prevention Cloud Detection Service Data Loss Prevention Cloud Detection Service for REST Data Loss Prevention


In addition to the list of pre-configured Response Rules, several types of Response Rules are given for the DLP Cloud Detection Service.


All Enforce Servers where the DLP Cloud Detection Service is registered, for integration with the CloudSOC, specifically.


There are several Data-in-Motion Response Rules available in the Enforce Server but these do not all appear to work.


We have confirmed that the documentation for this feature needs updating. Therefore, several of the options outlined in the following pages are incorrect:

Configuring response rule actions (

As far as we know, only 2 of these Data-in-Motion actions are valid when configuring rules for Data-in-Motion (aka - for CloudSOC Gatelets):


The following ones, however, are not:

Additional Information

A defect has been filed with the team to have the documentation at the above pages updated, DLP-67904.