SSL icon lock in IE dissappears when accessing any of the web pages under Activity center. Pages such as Manage Computers.


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


The SMP (Symantec Management Platform) server is set up to talk over HTTPS.   When non activity center pages like Settings>Agents/Plug-ins>Targeted Agent Settings  we get an SSL lock Icon in Internet Explorer.  

When you access any pages from activity center like Manage>Computers the SSL lock icon in Internet Explorer disappears. 

If you go back to the Settings>Agents/Plug-ins>Targeted Agent Settings after going to an activity center page.  You have to hit F5 to refresh the page to get the SSL lock icon to come back.

Is the SMP console not secure when accessing these pages?


Working as expected due to the browsers design.


ITMS 8.x


Issue is caused by fact that ActivityCenter references Microsoft Silverlight image http links like: These links are used for cases when Silverlight plugin is not installed in browser to point to Silverlight installation.

IE browser detects this http image references from https session and just remove lock icon to indicate this. Also in IE developer console window (F12) there is statement about this.

We confirm that actual communication between ActivityCenter UI and SMP backend is performed via https.