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ATP 3.0 can only set the SEP Communication settings for My Company or all non-default groups


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Advanced Threat Protection Platform


When configuring the SEPM Controller settings in ATP 3.0, the SEP Communications screen only provides two options for disseminating the Private Insight settings and ATP certificate. The 'Enable SEP endpoints to communicate with ATP' option only sets this for the My Company group. In order for any other groups to get these settings, they must have Inhereitance enabled and be directly inheriting from My Company. The second option of 'Apply private cloud policies to all non-default SEPM groups' will set these settings for all groups.

Many customer want to be able to pick and choose which SEP groups get these settings.


This is resolved in ATP 3.0.5 by allowing granular selection of SEP policy groups. Edit the SEPM Controller settings to enable the checkbox for Enable Group Inclusion.