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Customer looking for a list of FMIDs related to CA Datacom family products.

Is there any FMIDs listing for Datacom components?


z/os, CA Datacom 15.1


- When installing CA Datacom/DB 15.1:

CABDF10 is FMID for CA Datacom/DB  
CAADF10 is FMID for CA Datacom Datadictionary  
CAVEF10  is FMID for CA Datacom SQL  
CADQF15 is FMID for CA Dataquery Cics for CA Datacom  
CAZNF10  is FMID for CA Datacom Presspack  
CBAPF10 is FMID for CA Datacom Fast Restore  
CABDF11 is FMID for CA Datacom Metacobol Support 
CAADF15 is FMID for CA Datacom Datadictionary Cics  
CADQF10 is FMID for CA Dataquery for CA Datacom 


- When installing CA IDEAL 15.1:

CAF4F10 is FMID for Ideal/VSAM 
CAILF10 is FMID for  Ideal Base 
CAIOF10 is FMID for Ideal/DB2 
CAI4F10 is FMID for DB/SQL 


- When installing CA IPC 15.1:

CAVQF10 is FMID for IPC base.
CAVQF15 is FMID for IPC 15.1 Cics modules. 
CAVQF16 is FMID for optional MQ Transport Service component. 


- When installing CA Datacom/DBC 15.1:

CAB1F10 is FMID for DBC base.
CAB1F15 is FMID for optional CICSPLEX.



Additional Information

Note: FMID format is CAxxyyz where,  

xx is the product code (ex: B1 for DBC),

yy is the release number  (ex: F1 for 15.1),

z indicates a secondary FMID for that product code.