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Test access log upload for connection between ProxySG and Syslog server


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


  • You need to test upload to be sure access logging is configured correctly.
  • Logs are not being received in the syslog server and you need to see if upload is working.


For the duration of the test, configure the event log to use the verbose event level.This logs more complete information. 

After you test uploading, you can check the event log for the test upload event and determine whether any errors occurred


To test access log uploading:

You can do a test access log upload. Before you begin, make sure you have configured the upload client completely.


  1. Select Configuration > Access Logging > Logs > Upload Client.
  2. Click Test Upload.
  3. Click OK in the Test upload dialog.
  4. Check the event log for upload results: go to Statistics >System>Event Logging.


NOTE: You can only perform upload tests if the "Upload Type" under Configuration > Access Logging > Logs >Upload Schedule is set to "Periodically".