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How to update Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Patch Assessment Content Update (PACU) and Security Content Updates (SCU) automatically


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange


You want to configure that updating Patch Assessment Content Update(PACU) and Security Content Update(SCU) automatically in the CCS Console.



Control Compliance Suite 11.5


These updates are not able to execute automatically. You can download updates automatically and then execute it manually.



1. Click Manage > LiveUpdate > Global Tasks > Enable Updates Download

You may see a message like "automatic download is enabled", if so click OK. 

The Health and Status job is executed once in every 24 hours. The job checks the latest available updates. Every 24 hours, LiveUpdate will check whether new updates are released. When new updates are confirmed, LiveUpdate will download it automatically. If new contents are downloaded, this LiveUpdate page will display new content's versions, release date, etc,. After the updates are downloaded to the CCS staging area, they have to be copied and installed on the applicable CCS components. 

2. Click Manage > LiveUpdate > Common Tasks > Deploy Updates.

You can execute new updates downloaded. 

- In the wizard, click Next to continue 
- Check Patch Assessment Content Update and Security Content Update, check Push and Install (you can uncheck a part of these items as needed)
- Schedule a task or check Run now, and then click Next.  
You may see a message like "backup is recommended, the other jobs running now will be canceled", if so click Yes. After that complete the wizard. 
3. Click Manage > Jobs

You can confirm Automatic Update Installation job's status.