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Unable to install a PACU due to a licensing error


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After downloading a Patch Assessment Content Update (PACU) file and then run its executable file such as CCS_11_1_APSCCSM_2017-4_PACU_Win.exe, You can not complete the installation wizard. You may see an error in the Licensing wizard.


  • CCS Maintenance 11.1 
    • Required to update the Standards Management and Mandates content. 
  • The following component(s) have the expired license(s). The license(s) is required to install the component(s): 
    • Technical Standard Pack


  • Control Compliance Suite 11.5


A PACU installation needs a valid license.

After update a new license on CCS maintenace process, when run a PACU installation, LiveUpdate can check for this valid maintenance license before applying PACU.


  1. Run the executable file of PACU. 
  2. Add Licenses in the Licensing wizard. 
    • The activated licenses are present at C:\ProgramData\Symantec Shared\Licenses folder. But in the Licensing wizard, we recommend you to specify the original .slf files provided from Symantec to add. Because the activated licenses especially having “CCS Maintenance” feature in it may include invalid licenses at that time when the problem happened.
  3. Complete the PACU installation wizard.