Troubleshooting SpanVA Connectivity


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CASB Security Standard CASB Security Premium CASB Security Advanced CASB Audit CASB Gateway CASB Gateway Advanced Data Loss Prevention Cloud Package


SpanVA is Disconnected or Degraded





SpanVA to CloudSOC

  • Does the SpanVA Console show the status as alive and Green?
  • Check Status of SpanVA within CloudSOC Settings | Status Monitor.
  • Verify the Proxy settings if required.
    • Test without the use of a proxy.
  • Port 443 outbound is a requirement for several DNS entry's 
    • *
  • SpanVA  Monitor logs will display helpful information:
    • Data has been sent to CloudSOC via SpanVA 
  •  *Search Splunk: keywords: tenantid, datasource ID.  
    • Received log files upload notification from SpanVA running for tenant tenantname, datasource id : ***f83***330***044***5c1**

Logs Sent to Spanva

  • SpanVA  Monitor logs will display helpful information:
    • ​Data has been received by SpanVA.
  • Test  FTP/SCP to SpanVA manually.
    • scp bluecoat.log1.gz [email protected]:
    • Repeat sending a empty file called UPLOAD_COMPLETED.