Examples of being at the forefront of Malware threats


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


Do you have examples of where SEP Mobile (Skycure) has been at the forefront of Malware threats to the mobile environment?


We have identified numerous known and unknown Malware in our customer base. So far, we have analyzed more than a million Apps and networks. There have been many instances when SEP Mobile was the only solution to identify an app as Malware when every other publicly available Anti-Malware solution identified it as "safe". We can also demonstrate this using our Android Repackaged App demo which uses our patented technology to identify Zero-Day Malware. 

  • Our Malware engine consists of several technologies including client-side analysis, server-side analysis, mobile threat intelligence via crowd-wisdom and many other popular approaches including reputation, static, and dynamic analysis.
  • In addition to this, we scan downloaded Apps using more than 50 different commercial Anti-Viruses engines to calculate the appropriate risk score.
  • Many issues such as XcodeGhost and other popular vulnerabilities such as Swiftkey were easily identified in Real-Time at many SEP Mobile customers.
  • Many customers have also chosen SEP Mobile for the bare-bone speed of Malware detection. In many customer scenarios our detection was not just the most accurate but was also the fastest.
  • SEP Mobile goes above and beyond the traditional Malware engines and proactively protects customers even before an infection makes it to the device. This is very unique to SEP Mobile and is one of the key reasons why New York Life insurance chose us as their preferred mobile security solution.
  • Lastly, we have also successfully predicted attacks to stop threats before it is too late. Last quarter, Allen and Company, a large financial organization out of the US east coast, chose us as their preferred solution because we were able to predict an attack as soon as a mobile device connected to a malicious Pineapple WiFi router.