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About Advance Malware Rate


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


Some questions about SEP Mobile (Skycure) protection. Is the Malware problem real? Some research reports say advance Malware rate is less than 0.03%


These reports seem to imply that advanced mobile security should not be a high priority but they fail to differentiate between malicious code infecting consumer mobile devices versus enterprise devices, attacks other than Malware or BYOD devices used for work purposes.

Even with the 0.03% value, a hypothetical enterprise, Acme Corporation, with 10,000 users would see about three employees on average (per week) with advanced malicious code on their smart phones (10,000 x 0.03%). The problem becomes even bigger when factored into the average number of attacks on enterprise mobility beyond advanced Malware.

At SEP Mobile (Skycure), for instance, we have consistently seen at least 23% of employees at enterprises being exposed to Network-Based threats during their first month of deploying SEP Mobile. After three months, the average rises to 40%. At Acme Corporation, 2,300 of their employees on average would face Network-Based threats in addition to the advanced attacks addressed in the Verizon study.