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My organization uses containers for its corporate resources.


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My organization uses containers for its corporate resources. Isn’t that a sufficient security solution? SEP Mobile (formerly Skycure)


We believe containers can bring some IT value, but they do not offer comprehensive security. They also struggle with user experience.
Container solutions (like dual-persona) rely on separation, not protection. If the device is compromised the entire model breaks. Hence, the need for a holistic offering, including detection and protection against mobile threats.

In addition to the inherited security gap, there’s an even bigger gap. Business cannot really be contained today: WhatsApp, Linkedin, and many other tools that we use daily for private activities are also great tools for business. Some solutions try to address user experience challenges by creating a bridge between the personal and business personas which opens doors to additional security vulnerabilities and threats.

In terms of User Experience, employees usually prefer to use the native or other leading email/contacts/calendar clients over IT oriented ones. This quickly turns the “secure” IT solution into shelfware as unsatisfied employees either do not install the container at all or don’t really use it given the usability challenges. We have learned that a good user experience is crucial for proper adoption. SEP Mobile gives you all the security and visibility you need, while allowing your employees to use the apps they want to use without relying on dual personas.