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Need to customize the Evidence link in the email generated via ASM through Introscope.


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We have configured alerts from ASM into SOI via Introscope that generates the attached email when any error occurs. In the email, we have an evidence link that contains the Introscope link but the user wants an ASM link in place of the Instroscope link, so that user can access to the ASM rather than Introscope. 


Current ASM Release


Currently, out of the box, there is no way to get the ASM link into the email notification that is tied to the alert in Introscope.  The link to the ASM Monitor that would be having the problem at that point in time is not sent over to Introscope. It is possible to create a shell script action and pass the variables in there but we only pass Introscope information over.  So getting the ASM link itself wouldn't work here either, but you would get the Monitor name as part of the Alert.