Procedure to revert the PacketShaper S-Series software image to a previous software image.


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PacketShaper S-Series


You would like to revert the PacketShaper S-Series software image to a previous software image. 


You can reload a previous image by following these steps:

  1. Access the Command-Line Interface (CLI) via a direct serial console connection.
  2. Reboot the PacketShaper
  3. On bootup, you will see a list of the bootable systems (software images versions) available on your PacketShaper.
  4. The PacketShaper will show you the default boot system configured. 
  5. Press the space key to interrupt the boot process and select an alternate system to boot. 
    Note:  You have a total of 5 seconds until the default system is booted. 
  6. Once the boot process is interrupted (using the space key on your keyboard), you will be requested to enter the System number.
  7. Enter the System number from the list of bootable systems that corresponds to the desired software image that your PacketShaper previously booted into successfully. 
  8. The PacketShaper will boot up with the selected software image. 

Note:  If you miss the time (5 sec) to select an alternate system to boot, then you will have to reboot the PacketShaper as it will load the default system (current version), and as a result you will need to repeat the steps described above. 

Note:  Refer to the your PacketShaper Release notes for the version you are reverting to in order to confirm if it is required to reset your measurement engine using the "me reset" command to account for different measurement engine variables.