Importing MS SQL using CCS agents with raw-based data collection


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange Control Compliance Suite Windows


Control Compliance Suite must able to collect MS SQL data.


CCS 11.x


Ensure agent is installed on SQL server.
Ensure that a common credential is configured for All SQL servers. (needed for import)
        > One can make the SQL asset server based after import.
Run "Fetch Registered Agent" job.
Run "Agent content update" (selecting Microsoft Windows first). This updates the agent itself.
Run "Agent content update" (selecting Microsoft SQL). This installs the SQL plugin needed to collect data.
Next, run the "Agent Product update".

Go the the Asset and confirm that you have the latest content
        > Content tab
                > Raw-based (this should show Windows and SQL)

Find the asset from "Manage > Assets"
        > Run asset import job
                > select asset type - SQL Server
                > select Source - network
                > scope - select asset we just checked
                > next
                > select correct folder to import to
                > select "Advanced Options" checkbox
                > select "add rules"
                        > select predefined
                                > select all three rules
                                > add

Go Manage > queries
        > import attached query
        > edit query and add your asset
        > run query

If the query returns results, the process has completed successfully.