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You want to install Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers on multiple farms using the same SQL Database


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Protection for SharePoint Servers


You have more than one SharePoint Farm using the same SQL Server and want to install Symantec Protection for SharePoint servers across all farms.


Currently Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers is designed to work with one farm per SQL server, it creates a non configurable database SPSSDB into the SQL server used by the farm. If you attempt to install into multiple farms the single database will contain all records for all installed servers. This is under consideration for a future development release.


Attached are two documents designed to provide a workaround for this issue. RenameDatabase.sql is a script designed to allow SPSS to communicate with a farm specific database and Steps-To-Rename-SPSSDB.doc provides the steps to enable this.


Steps-To-Rename-SPSSDB.docx get_app
RenameDatabase.sql get_app