extended calendar for holidays + 1


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I would like to make an extended calendar describing "holidays+1", that is, one day past each holiday, regardless of the kind of day it is. 

For example, January 1st is a holiday so January 2nd would be in the calendar, November 26 and 27 are holidays so November 28 would be in the calendar. 



Product: Workload Automation AE 11.xPlatform: Windows, UNIX, LinuxDatabase: Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL


Here is an example of an extended calendar definition which I believe would give you the results you are looking for: 

Enter Name: plus1 

Enter Description: 

Enter Workdays [XXXXX..]: 

Enter Non-workday Actions [' ',O,S,N,W,P]: 

Enter Holiday Actions [' ',O,S,N,W,P]: O

Enter Holiday Calendar [none]: myholidaycalendar

Enter Cycle Name [none]: 

Enter Date Adjustment [0]: 1 

Enter Date Conditions [DAILY]: HOLIDAYS 

The above example uses myholidaycalendar as the standard calendar that includes the actual holiday dates, like 7/4/2018 or 12/25/2018 etc..