Limitations of ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway(ASG) Management Console Launcher
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Limitations of ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway(ASG) Management Console Launcher


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ProxySG Software - SGOS Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG


Users who have experienced issues accessing the web GUI management interface of the ProxySG, or the Proxy tab on the Advanced Secure Gateway appliance, often switch to using the Java-based Management Console Launcher to administer their ProxySG's per Launch SGOS management consoles using the Management Console Launcher.

This solution is not without its limitations.  This documentation will describe the limitations and solutions for them.


Policy trace

The results of a policy trace can not be viewed from within the Managment Console accessed through the Launcher.  This information can however be viewed from within the browser by going to the Advanced URL for the policy trace page.  This page does not require Java and can therefore be viewed in the browser, such as https://proxy_IP_or_hostname:8082/policy.


These debugs are sometimes required for troubleshooting.  All of theses pages do not require access via Java and can can accessed by the URL directly.

Administrator-created snapshots

At times administrators create snapshots to keep track of certain items on the ProsySG like CPU monitor or health check statistics.  A list of snapshots can be viewed in the browser by going to https://proxy_IP_or_hostname:8082/diagnostics/snapshot

Most other functions of the proxy should work from within the Management Console Launcher.

If you have any questions about working with the Management Console Launcher, open a Support case.