After installing Encryption Desktop, the Acronis backup application can no longer send e-mails.


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The Acronis backup solution on a computer without Encryption Desktop 
(SED) installed is able to send status e-mails.
Once any version of the SED client later than 10.3.1 MP1 is installed, even without configuring it, the Acronis backup application can no longer send e-mails.
Computers with the 10.3.1 MP1 version of SED installed can send the Acronis status e-mails.

Acronis throws the error “Fatal error has occurred while reading from the socket”.
There are no errors in the SED logs.


SED versions higher than 10.3.1 MP1.
Confirmed on 10.3.2 and 10.4.x.
Acronis backup application.


Found that installing the SED client via the command line with either MAPI or LSP or both disabled allows the Acronis backup solution to work as expected.
1. msiexec.exe /i PGPDesktop64_en-US.msi PGP_Install_LSP=0
2. msiexec.exe /i PGPDesktop64_en-US.msi PGP_Install_MAPI=0