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Disabling / Closing the Direct ProxySG Functionality / Port in Reporter 9.x


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You want to stop Reporter from listening for ProxySG connections on / opening a port on the server on which it's installed.


Before doing this, ensure that the Reporter service has been stopped.

To close the port, we can edit the preferences.cfg file in the Reporter install folder.

Reporter Install Folder > Settings > preferences.cfg.

Remove the "sgp" section of this file, by default it looks like:

sgp = {
      ssl = {
        ssl_v2 = "false"
        ssl_v3 = "true"
        tls_v1 = "true"
        mode = "enable"
        cert_file = ""
        key_file = ""
        use_default_cert = "true"
      } # ssl
      ip = ""
      port = "9081"
    } # sgp

Once this has been done, you can restart Reporter, and you'll see the direct ProxySG port listed as "0" under Administration > System Overview > System Diagnostics: