Error: "Unable to establish db connection for user protect - invalid connection identifier."


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Update Readiness Tool(URT) is failing after performing the following step to prepare the tool.
  1. Grant permissions to "Protect" user see How to Verify or Grant Oracle Database Permissions to Protect User
  2. Create an additional update readiness user
  3. Use the create_user.sql script see Symantec_DLP_15.0_Upgrade_Guide_Lin
  4. Transfer the URT zip file to the Enforce server
  5. Unzip the URT contents
  6. Verify connections to Oracle Database for both the protect user and new update readiness user (see step 2), and correct any incorrect usernames and passwords.

Error: unable to establish db connection for user protect - invalid connection identifier.


The SID used with URT does not resolve to the service_names parameter in the Oracle database.



DLP 15.0



Confirm the SID using one of the following methods

Review the tnsnames.ora file for the service_name. In Oracle 11g the file can be found here: \oracle\product\\db_1\NETWORK\ADMIN\tnsnames.ora


Review the file on Enforce. The file can be found here: \Protect\config\


Review oracle parameters for the configured service_names via sqlplus.

  1. Open cmd or terminal
  2. run the following command: sqlplus /nolog
  3. Connect to oracle: connect sys as sysdba
  4. Run this query to confirm the service_names parameter: select value from v$parameter where name='service_names';