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A computer deleted from the console reappears


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IT Management Suite


There are several resasons a deleted computer resource may reappear in the console. THe following are ther three most comon.
  • The computer is referenced in any resource discovery method.
  • The Agent push policy mentions the computer by name or IP
  • The Symantec Management Agent (SMA) is still installed on the computer.


The solution for all of these reasons (and most any other reason) is to follow the following steps in order.
  1. Verify that the computer is not part of any of the discovery methods:
    • Active Directory (AD) Organizational Unit (OU) that is being imported under: Actions > Discover > Import Microsoft Active Directory.
    • Domain Memership/ or WINS under: Actions > Discover > Import Domain Membership/WINS
    • Network Device scan under: Actions > Discover > Network Devices
  2. Verify the computer in not specifically named (by name or IP address) in the Scheduled Agent Push Policy.
    • Actions > Agents/Plug-ins > Push Symantec Management Agent > Scheduled Push to Computers Policy.
  3. Uninstall the SMA from the computer either manually at the computer or through the SMA Uninstall Policy in the console.
    • Settings > Agent and Plug-ins > All Agents and Plug-Ins > Symantec Management Agent
    • Then under the correct Operating system Windows or Unix/Linux/Mac
  4. Verify the agent is uninstalled from the computer.
  5. Delete the computer from the console.
NOTE: Timing and order of steps is critical. If a computer is deleted from the console before the SMA is fully uninstalled from the computer, there is a good possibility that the SMA will check in with the SMP before being uninstalled, and this will recreate the record on the SMP.