Email Submission add-in 101 for Email
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Email Submission add-in 101 for Email


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Email Email Threat Detection and Response


Learn how to properly configure email submission settings for Email, and how to submit false negatives, for either spam, malware, or other security threats.



About Email submission add-in

The Email Submission add-in is a customized Microsoft Outlook Add-In that lets users submit suspicious messages to Symantec for analysis. Any messages that are suspected to be spam, phishing attempts, or that have suspicious attachments can be submitted. Once the Email Submission add-in has been deployed to your organization's users, a button labeled "Report Email" appears in the Outlook application ribbon. To submit a suspicious message, the user selects the message and then clicks the Report Email button. A copy of the message is submitted to Symantec for analysis and the original message is moved to the user's Deleted Items folder.

Adding Email submission administrator details in the portal

When you deploy Email Submission to your organization's Microsoft Outlook users, you must complete administration tasks in the portal. You have the option of adding administrator information to receive copies of the messages that are submitted through the Email Submission add-in. Also, you must add administrator information to allow for the full anti-malware analysis processing of messages with attachments. In the portal, navigate to the Services > Email Services > Email Submission Settings page. You have the option to add up to five administrator email addresses that can receive copies of the user-submitted messages. You can also add any text that is tagged on to the subject line of the submitted messages. The text is added to the subject line to help your administrators to identify any messages that are submitted with the Email Submission add-in. You must enter the first and last name and email address of an administrator in the Anti-Malware Email Submission section. The administrator information ensures that any messages that are submitted with attachments are routed through the correct anti-malware analysis workflow. Symantec needs these administrator details to keep your organization updated on any submissions for anti-malware analysis. Note that if this section is left blank, any messages with attachments are not processed when they are submitted through the Email Submission add-in.

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Email Submission Add-in Installation Guide

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