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Machines that are already in the eXpress DB hang when booting to automation via PXE


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Ghost Solution Suite


  • You boot a machine to automation that is already present in the eXpress DB.
  • The machine hangs before loading the pre-production OS (Linux/WinPE)
  • If you delete the machine record from the GSS console and restart the PXE services, the same machine will then receive a pre-production OS successfully 

No error is received but the machine hangs indefinitely without loading the automation OS


  • GSS 3.2 (likely earlier versions as well) 
  • Only serial number is selected as primary lookup key in the Options menu, Global tab
  • No initial deployment job configured


The serial number is not successfully retrieved from the PXE booted client and cannot therefore find a match on serial number alone in the eXpress DB.  


Selecting additional primary look up key options eg. UUID and MAC address in the Global tab under Options resolved the issue, as the PXE booted client was able to retrieve these from the automation system and find a match in the eXpress DB.