Secure the serial port for a running ProxySG
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Secure the serial port for a running ProxySG


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Customer who has a ProxySG that is already up and running would like to secure its serial port.


WARNING: Regarding securing the serial port, if one forgets all the passwords (built-in admin, front panel, and serial console), one cannot access the ProxySG and will need to use the appliance’s reset button or, if it is a legacy model without a reset button, please return it to Symantec. Therefore, it is recommended to NOT set a serial console password as the ProxySG does not have a password recovery option.

Having said the above, if one wish to proceed in securing the serial port, it can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Connect to the proxy through serial connection
  2. Press ENTER three times
  3. Pick Setup Console
  4. This will re-launch the configuration wizard. Since I assume the proxy is already up and running, please keep all of the configurations with their default values
  5. Then on page 2, user will encounter a prompt that asks if the user would like to secure the serial port. Enter YES
  6. Enter the setup password (i.e. the password used to secure the serial port)
  7. Re-Enter the setup password to verify
  8. Enter the setup password once again to confirm user's decision to secure the serial port
  9. Complete the remainder of the setup wizard
  10. A password will be required the next time user tries to connect to the proxy through the serial port