Unable to download tools with an .EXE file extension
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Unable to download tools with an .EXE file extension


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When downloading tools from the Downloads section in the Symantec.cloud Management Portal, administrators may notice that .exe files are saved on their machine without the .exe extension. (No file type will show upon download).

The issue currently affects all .exe files in the Downloads section, including Schemus, CSP, and Smart Connect downloads.


  • Symantec.cloud
  • Client net
  • Internet Explorer 8 and 11


Symantec is aware of this problem and will update this document once a solution is provided. You do not need to create a support case for this issue. Please subscribe this article to be notified of future updates.


  1. Click the arrow down then Save As when prompted to save the file.
  2. Add the file extension .exe at the end of the file name.
  3. Click on Save.