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Unified Agent sent a "Deny, switching client to Deny Mode" to logs


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Web Security Service - WSS


Unified Agent service sent a DENY, switching client to DENY Mode to Logs.



By default, the Symantec Web Security Service allows remote clients unabated web access if the service becomes unavailable. For maximum security, set the fail behavior to block access until IT or Symantec restores the service.



Unified Agent 4.8.x
Unified Agent 4.9.x


Log into 
  1. In Service Mode, select Mobility > Unified Agent.
  2. Unified Agent Settings> Select the Fail Behavior drop-down list
    • The default setting is Allow All Traffic. If you have changed this default to "Block All Traffic, then your failover mode will be set to Fail-Close.
You may revert back to Fail-Open by selecting Allow All Traffic.  

Note: This page does not contain an Apply button. Selecting the option sets the configuration immediately, as indicated by the displayed message.