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Upload Unified agent logs to a FTP server


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How to upload Unified agent logs to FTP server


The user browsing activity logs can be uploaded from Unified agent to a FTP server by two methods.

a) Upload the logs directly from client to FTP server

b) Send the logs through proxy


a) Upload the logs directly from client machine to FTP server

The log file is uploaded only when a Unified Agent machine has access to the specified FTP server and it should also meet the following conditions.

  • The FTP server must support passive FTP clients. If the FTP server is deployed behind a firewall, the firewall must be configured to allow FTP data connections over TCP ports higher than 1024.
  •  The FTP server should support anonymous account

Step 1: Configure the Client manager with the log upload settings.

Navigate to Configuration -> Clients -> Web Filtering

Step 2: On the unified agent, click on "Check for configuration update" to make sure the recent configuration changes from Client manager are reflected to the client.


b) Send the logs through proxy

If the client machine and FTP server are in different network segments and suppose client don't have direct access to the FTP server, then the Unified agent can use the proxy to upload the logs. For this, make sure that the FTP service under Configuration -> Services -> Proxy Services is set to Intercept. In addition, you must perform the following tasks on Unified agent device.

  1. Start Internet Explorer
  2. Select Tools -> Internet Options
  3. Click on Connections tab
  4. On the Connections tab page, click on LAN settings
  5. Under Proxy server, enable the option "Use a proxy server for your LAN"
  6. Click on Advanced button, on the FTP field, provide the proxy ip address and port as 21.