Troubleshooting CAS antivirus licensing issues
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Troubleshooting CAS antivirus licensing issues


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Content Analysis Software - CA CAS-VA CAS-S200 CAS-S400 CAS-S500


You see issues with antivirus licensing on CAS and want to troubleshoot the issue.


There are 3 sections to look at in terms of getting licensing to work.

  1. A valid subscription to the supported anti virus license
  2. Communication to licensing server is good (e.g. no resets of connection, SSL Handshake established properly and etc). See TECH245065 for the list of URL which CAS accesses for licensing
  3. Ensure licensing portal reflect the expected expiry date and component details. To check, login to - license - Network Protection (Blue Coat) Licensing - Content Analysis system - license download - enter serial number - submit.

Please create a ticket with customer care ([email protected]) to correct this.

Kindly create a ticket or call customer support if above are all good but licensing still fails.

You may be asked by customer support to collect followings while issues are happening.

  1.  On GUI of Content Analysis, go to Settings > Logging
  2.  Double click File tab of each Module(INTERNAL, KASPERSKY, PATTERN_UPDATE, MODULES) and select DEBUGGING
  3.  Click "Save Changes"
  4.  Leave it for about 24 hours (It depends on issues)
  5.  Go to Utilities > Troubleshooting 
  6.  Click "Create troubleshooting log"
  7.  Click Create
  8.  Once Status tab shows Completed, Click Download button
  9.  Go to Utilities > Configuration
  10.  Click "Get Configuration" under "Download Entire Configuration" 
  11.  Go to Utilities > System Information
  12.  Copy information