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What can be configured from the front panel of an Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) ?


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ASG-S200 ASG-S400 ASG-S500


You have an ASG and you want to know what can be configured through the front panel.


The ASG front panel provides the following information:

CPU-Utilization or

Proxied Traffic

The <ENTER> button will allow you to change / hold / rotate the display.

The <MENU> button provides one option, "Restore Factory" with a Yes/No option.

From the ASG command line interface (CLI) you can configure the backlight display:

> enable

# conf t

# (conf)  front-panel

#(config front-panel)?
backlight                    Configure backlight settings
exit                         Return to (config) prompt
no                           Negate certain settings
view                         View front panel settings
Blue Coat ASG Series#(config front-panel)view
Front Panel settings:

Front Panel       : present with backlight control
Backlight state   : timeout
Backlight flashing: no
Blue Coat ASG Series#(config front-panel)

Blue Coat ASG Series#(config front-panel)backlight ?
flash                        Start flashing backlight
state                        Configure backlight state
timeout                      Configure backlight timeout value
Blue Coat ASG Series#(config front-panel)backlight

#(config front-panel)backlight state ?

off                          Backlight always turned off
on                           Backlight always turned on
timeout                      Backlight turns off after timeout
Blue Coat ASG Series#(config front-panel)backlight state