SIM failed while trying to pre-configure products during an upgrade


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


While trying to upgrade an existing Symantec Management Platform (SMP) server, Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) failed with an error message. The following error occurred while trying to pre-configure the installed products:

Configuration failed.
A critical error occurred:
The remote name could not be resolved: ''

Configuration failed while attempting: Pre-Configuring ...


The SMP name was changed sometime before the customer needed to upgrade. For example, from to

SIM keeps in the registry the original name used during the initial installation. While trying to upgrade, SIM uses those references to call some of the webservices needed during the configuration process. Since the SMP name was changed but the registry was not updated, wrong name was called and not resolved.


In this particular scenario, it was an upgrade from ITMS 7.6 HF7 to 8.1


In order to fix this, please make the proper changes in the SMP server name under the following registry keys:

  1. Under HKLM>Software>Altiris>AIM>Configuration>NsConfiguration:
    • NsWebSiteCustomHost
    • NsWebSiteHost
  2. Try again the upgrade