Control Compliance Suite (CCS) queries for Windows group memberships do not finish.


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Collection job containing Windows Platform Group entity field called "Effective Member Analysis <FORM>" never finishes when more than one machine is targeted for data collection.



No error is reported; the job just never finishes running.



Product issue.



CCS 11.1 through 12.0 (base) versions with up to SCU 2017-2.



Quick Fix 11002 created for CCS 11.5.x with SCU 2017-2 installed.  Please ensure that you are at this code level and then call Symantec support for access to this Quick Fix.

Quick Fix 10001 created for CCS 12.0 base version (which comes with SCU 2017-2) installed.

NOTE: This fix will be available as part of SCU 2017-3 when released and will be fixed in both the 11.x and 12.x versions of CCS.

If you need the fix prior to the release os SCU 2017-3 please contact support.