CA Detector running on same system as IBM Query monitor
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CA Detector running on same system as IBM Query monitor


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Is it possible to run IBM Query Monitor and CA Detector on the same system?


Component: PDT


The COMPAT option, which is specified in the highlvl.CDBAPARM(PDT) member, should be set to (Y). The default value is (N). Please note the explanation in PDT member:


COMPAT      (N)      /* Start Detector collections using an         */

                     /* alternate collection method that will allow */

                     /* Detector to run with other vendor's DB2     */

                     /* monitoring products.                        */

                     /* COMPAT (Y) should only be selected if       */

                     /* Detector has attempted to start a           */

                     /* collection and abended with a U120, or if   */

                     /* known conflicts exist between Detector      */

                     /* and other vendor's products.                */

                     /* Y - Yes, start Detector collections in      */

                     /*     third-party compatibility mode.         */

                     /* N - No, do not start Detector collections   */

                     /*     in third-party compatibility mode.      */

                     /*     display.                                */


It would be best to start Query Monitor first, followed by Detector, and stop them in the reverse order, but verify on a test DB2 first