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Determine the current BMC firmware version on Edge SWG (ProxySG) or ASG


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ASG-S200 ASG-S400 ASG-S500 SG-300 SG-600 SG-510 SG-9000 SG-900 SG-S500 SG-S400 SG-S200 ProxySG Software - SGOS SWG VA-100


How do I confirm what version of BMC firmware I have running on Edge Secure Web Gateway (formerly ProxySG) or Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG)?


BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) version can be found within the sysinfo file beneath the IPMI statistics section as shown below:


IPMI Statistics
URL_Path /IPMI/Statistics
Title IPMI Statistics
Version 1.0                 
IPMI00              2.22   <----- This is the BMC Firmware version
IPMI01              1726
IPMI02              1726
IPMI03              40
IPMI04              52

Alternatively you can search for "IPMI00" (without quotes)

The latest BMC firmware versions per model are:

S-series Model Latest BMC Firmware Version 
S200 4.13
S400 3.21
S500 2.23
ASG-S500 5.11