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Replication fails with an exception "java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "${VISIBILITYMOCKSEQUENCENUM.EN_US}"


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Endpoint Protection


After upgrading the Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM), replication fails with exception: "java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "${VISIBILITYMOCKSEQUENCENUM.EN_US}"

Per Replication logs:

Date Time THREAD 4601789 WARNING: ReplicationTask>> mergeMetadata: Error-> Merge Failed - Metadata with Id DBBAD5C70A4B02EE3345CCC495BA78FB could not be merged
Date Time THREAD 4601789 WARNING: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "${VISIBILITYMOCKSEQUENCENUM.EN_US}"    at 


SEPM 14 RU1 or later


For any SEPM, UiAddOnFeatureSet XML in the database should have an integer value for the sequence number.  After upgrading to 14 RU1 this sequence number is set incorrectly as "${VISIBILITYMOCKSEQUENCENUM.EN_US} and replication fails. 


This issue is partially resolved in RU1 MP1.  After upgrading to RU1 MP1, the UiAddOnFeatureSet XML will be updated in the database with a dummy sequence number. {VISIBILITYMOCKSEQUENCENUM.EN_US}  Component Upgrade Task will then run within 24 hours on the SEPM to update the sequence number to the correct value.  

Since it can take 24 hours for the task to run, replication will fail until the value is updated in the database.  To force the task to run, you can add the following line to (\tomcat\etc\ to set the frequency of Component Upgrade Task.  


Once you've added the line to, restart the SEPM services and wait for the task to run.  Replication will complete after the value is updated in the database.  Once replication completes, you can remove the scm.component.upgrade.minutes entry from to restore the default task run back to 24 hours.