Host Integrity check for AV definitions fails after upgrading to 14.0 RU1


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Endpoint Protection


After upgrading your Endpoint Protection (SEP) clients to 14.0 RU1 (14.0.3752), Host Integrity (HI) checks fail when the script uses "Antivirus Signature File Checking."  

Host Integrity check failed
  Requirement: "Antivirus requirement" failed

Requirement name: "Antivirus requirement".
--- Start checking requirement conditions ---.

Rule type: Antivirus enforcement.

Condition: Antivirus is running.
Result is pass.
Condition was checking "Symantec Endpoint Protection".

Condition: Antivirus signature file is up to date.
Result is fail.
Condition was checking "Symantec Endpoint Protection".
Error: file not found.
[Details: Invalid signature date. Probably software is not installed or is running an update]

Requirement name: "Antivirus requirement".
Result is fail.


This issue is fixed in Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 RU1 MP1  For information on how to obtain the latest build of Symantec Endpoint Protection, see Download the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection.