WCCP service group states
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WCCP service group states


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


This article explains the different service group states involved in WCCP (Web Cache Communication Protocol) establishment and the description for each state. The state of a service group helps you monitor whether the service group was configured properly and how it is functioning. Understanding what each state denotes is very helpful while troubleshooting WCCP communication errors.


State    Description
Assignment mismatch The router does not support the assignment type (hash or mask) that is configured for the service group.
Bad router id The home-router specified in the service group configuration does not match the actual router ID.
Bad router view The list of ProxySG appliances in the service group does not match.
Capability mismatch The WCCP configuration includes capabilities that the router does not support.
Initializing WCCP was just enabled and the ProxySG is getting ready to send out its first
HERE_I_AM message.
Interface link is down The ProxySG cannot send the HERE_I_AM message because the interface link is down.
Negotiating assignment The ProxySG received the I_SEE_YOU message from the router but has not yet negotiated the service group capabilities.
Negotiating membership The ProxySG sent the HERE_I_AM message and is waiting for an I_SEE_YOU message from the router.
Packet forwarding mismatch The router does not support the forwarding method (GRE or L2) that is configured for the service group.
Packet return mismatch

The router does not support the return method (GRE or L2) that is configured for the service group. Note that on the ProxySG, the return method is always the same as the forwarding method.

Ready The service group formed successfully and the ProxySG sent the REDIRECT_ASSIGN message to the router with the hash or mask values table.
Service group mismatch The router and the ProxySG have a mismatch in port, protocol, priority, and/or other service flags.
Security mismatch The service group passwords on the router and the ProxySG do not match.


To view the state information of WCCP, Navigate to Configuration -> Network -> WCCP as shown in the following snapshot. For more information pertaining to the service group, navigate to Statistics -> Network -> WCCP.