Unable to run the API "Export Data"
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Unable to run the API "Export Data"


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Working with API's and getting different results than if I use the Portal directly.

What am I setting incorrectly in my API settings that would account for the difference between the portal and API outputs?


TDM 4.2


Export API has 2 different types of response based on the parameter value "async". If the value for this parameter is empty or false, the API returns the exported files as response.

For downloading the exported files, you need to use Chrome Postman REST client. While sending the request select "Send and Download" option, instead of "Send". When asked to save the response, save it as zip file. (Note that you have to explicitly mention the file extension .zip while saving). 

If the value for "async" parameter is set to true, the export action is submitted as a job and returns the job details in the response. In this case you need to look for the job id and use it to get the status of the job. 

Please note, with all the API calls, a high level of programming knowledge is expected to read the SWAGGER documents and understand their implementation.

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