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Web Security Service - WSS


What do these verdicts in the reporting section of Web Security Service mean?


Here are some of the most common verdicts that are seen in reporting and their meanings:

  • Allowed: Site was allowed. This means that the site that the user has accessed is currently an approved site for the user to navigate to it.
  • Policy Denied: The site was blocked due to a policy decision made based on your current Content Filtering rules
  • No Verdict: For more information, see ThreatPulse Content Filtering Reports - No Verdict.
  • Certificate Category Denied: One of the domains on "Subject Alternative Names" on the SSL certificate was blocked due to content categorization. 
  • Inbound Spyware: Inbound spyware was detected and was blocked.
  • Outbound Spyware: Outbound spyware was detected and was blocked.
  • Unrated Executable: The executable is not rated and was blocked.