About common verdicts in reports
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About common verdicts in reports


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


What do these verdicts in the reporting section of Web Security Service mean?


Here are some of the most common verdicts that are seen in reporting and their meanings:

  • Allowed: Site was allowed. This means that the site that the user has accessed is currently an approved site for the user to navigate to it.
  • Policy Denied: The site was blocked due to a policy decision made based on your current Content Filtering rules
  • No Verdict: For more information, see ThreatPulse Content Filtering Reports - No Verdict.
  • Certificate Category Denied: One of the domains on "Subject Alternative Names" on the SSL certificate was blocked due to content categorization. 
  • Inbound Spyware: Inbound spyware was detected and was blocked.
  • Outbound Spyware: Outbound spyware was detected and was blocked.
  • Unrated Executable: The executable is not rated and was blocked.