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Data Collection or evaluation job fails


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Data Collection or evaluation job fails because of the error-[Field] not found.

Job Exception Occurred,[Field] not found: [ORCL.CONFIGUREDDATABASES.ORACLEHOME]
[Field] not found: [Unix.Machine.DOCKERVERSION]
Unix Data Collector: An error occurred while creating RMS scopes.


This issue has been observed when there is a mismatch at the SCU Level between the CCS Components.
Such as, if the Application Server is at a higher SCU Level and the CCS Manager is at a lower SCU Level.


Make sure that all the CCS Components. Example: the Application Server and all the CCS Managers are updated to the latest SCU Level.

If there are Agents involved then update the Agents as well.

You can use the below article to determine PU/SCU/PACU versions on the various CCS Components Like (CCS Application Server and all the CCS Managers)

CCS 11 how to determine update version status if liveupdate is not configured.


PU-Product Updates

SCU-Security Content Update

PACU-Patch Assessment Content Update

For the Agents, you can check the current update level via the CCS Console by navigating to Manage > Agents

If you click on any Agent then at the bottom pane it has the details of installed updates.

You can perform Content Update and Product Update on it by right-clicking on the said Agent and initiating the required job.