Command/Script Standard Importer warning message during PACU 2017-12 installation (in absence of QF 10720)


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Control Compliance Suite Unix


During installation of PACU 2017-12 on a CCS 11.5.2 setup, the following warning message is displayed in the installation wizard:











You see this warning message because you have not installed the QF 10720 before installing the Oracle Patch Assessment Standard.

As mentioned in the KB article TECH248177, the QF 10720 is a prerequisite for the Oracle Patch Assessment Standard (released in PACU 2017-12). In absence of the QF 10720, you cannot copy or export the standard.


If you want to use the predefined Oracle Patch Assessment Standard, ignore the warning message. Even if you do not install the QF 10720, there is no impact on the installation or function of the predefined standard.

If you want to copy and export the Oracle Patch Assessment Standard, install the QF 10720 first.

See Working with Standards

For more details about the Oracle Patch Assessment Standard, see PACU_Getting_Started_Guide_11.1_11.5.pdf