Capture an HTTP request, response and header on MAC OS X
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Capture an HTTP request, response and header on MAC OS X


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Viewing the HTTP request and response headers to diagnose complications accessing certain Web sites. To diagnose, Support Engineers will need you to provide a header trace.

With an HTTPS site, a packet capture will not reveal the HTTP headers of the encrypted HTTPS connection.

(Note that these products are neither provided or supported by Symantec).














Web connection failures using Safari.



Use Safari Web Inspector to troubleshoot errors and pages.  (Similar to Developer Tool in Chrome)

The Develop menu must first be enabled.  

1. Launch Safari and select Preferences > Advanced




2. Check Show Develop menu in menu bar




3. Select Develop> Show Web Inspector



4. Clear the cache on Safari by selecting Develop> Empty Caches.

5. Enter the URL you wish to obtain troubleshooting on. Navigate to the area you are having issues with.  Diagnose any errors.

6. To save the file: Right click on Files, select Save File.