How to purge old agents in DLP
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How to purge old agents in DLP


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At times it may be necessary to remove old endpoint agents from the DLP Enforce console. These agents are usually old machines that have been retired.


15.x +


There is only one supported method to retire old agents from the console. This is through the Enforce console UI.  An agent will reappear in the console if it is able to communicate with a detection server and has an active DLP agent.

  1. Browse to System > Agents > Overview. Select the group of agents (usually Critical) to remove agents from.
  2. Filter and / or sort the agents accordingly. 
  3. Check the checkbox for the machines you would like to remove then select Delete. Note the ability to select all. Users can remove up to 200 agents at a time with this method. When prompted if you are sure click OK.