Register Cloud SWG (WSS) on Management Center
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Register Cloud SWG (WSS) on Management Center


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Management Center Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Following the update to Cloud SWG (formerly known as WSS) in November 2020, the steps to integrate Management Center (MC) have changed in the Cloud SWG Portal.

When integrating Cloud SWG and MC, the only permitted username is mc-register, and the password for the service is generated as a token in the Cloud SWG Portal. This article details the steps to configure the Cloud SWG and MC integration.

NOTE: You will only be able to integrate MC in the Cloud SWG Portal if you have configured the Cloud SWG Portal to use MC to manage the policy.


This configuration takes place in two parts - Configure WSS to expect a connection from the Management Center using a unique token and configure Management Center to use that token.

Web Security Service Portal

  1. Log in to your account on the Cloud SWG Portal

  2. Select Policy from the left panel and select Secure Web Gateway

  3. Click New Token under Management Center Device Registration Tokens

  4. You can set the token generated by the portal to expire by a certain time or date, after a specific amount of use, or never (select the option appropriate to your configuration)

  5. Right-click the token field and select copy to save the token to your local system's clipboard (this token is the password for your connection from Management Center to Cloud SWG)

Management Center

  1. Log in to the Management Center web management console

  2. Browse to Network > Devices

  3. Click Add Device, select Web Security Service

  4. Click Connect. Management Center prompts you for your WSS credentials

  5. Enter mc-register as the username, and enter the token from the WSS integration configuration as the password

  6. Click Register. Management Center reports successful integration

  7. Click Save to complete the configuration

Reference Register Your WSS Portal for initial configuration.

Note: In case you are not using Management Center to manage the policy, you will see the below under Policy: