Symantec Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) new platform turn around estimates
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Symantec Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) new platform turn around estimates


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Cloud Workload Protection


There are new platforms released and you need to know how long before Symantec CWP supports them.


This document provides information about agent support for Symantec Cloud Workload Protection. This document also provides information around the ongoing support for newer platform and kernel versions.

Symantec CWP provides protection for a wide list of platforms. It is published at - 

Symantec team consistently monitors availability of newer versions of platforms and Kernels. For the platforms with native support,

  1. CWP agents are updated after testing for compatibility of Kernel drivers. When no driver code changes are required for supporting newer Kernel version, CWP agent updates are made available 4 weeks after the newer kernel release. E.g. Ubuntu 16.04 Kernels (4.4.0-1031:4.4.0-1031-aws), RHEL 7.0 (3.10.0-693.*el7)


  1. When kernel driver requires an update to support major platform versions or major changes to OS kernels (mostly for major kernel versions due to compatibility changes), CWP team will run automated tests for compatibility and provide an ETA for support in a week. E.g. Amazon Linux 2017.03 (from 2016.09), Ubuntu 16.04 (from 14.04) etc.