Tasks requiring elevated privileges appear to succeed but do not execute properly


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Ghost Solution Suite


While trying to run any task that allows you to specify a user context, it does not run in the specified user context. 

The following task types the task appears to succeed but does not execute properly:

  • Create Disk Image - with Prepare Using Sysprep selected. Sysprep fails to execute on Windows 10 because elevated privileges are required when running Sysprep on a Windows 10. The target machine will reboot immediately without running Sysprep, a non-Sysprepped image will be created.
  • Distribute Software - The task does not run using the credentials supplied on the Advanced tab within the task.
  • Distribute Personality - The task does not run using the credentials supplied on the Advanced tab within the task.
  • Run Script - The task does not run using the credentials specified in the Client Run Environment - Security Context section.
  • Install Automation Folders from within the Ghost Console (Right click on a client within the Console, Advanced - Install Automation Folder...) - The remote Automation Folder Installer will not run using the credentials specified. Depending on Operating System Portions of the Automation Folders environment may be created but files will be missing and it will not be functional.  An Automation Folder installer executed locally will work, but it will not work properly when the Agent is attempting to execute the Automation Folder installer remotely. 

An error message will not usually be seen during these situations, the task within the job will appear to succeed but quietly fail to execute properly. Within the GSS console the Job appears to have finished with success because the client only knows that the operating system has "finished" running the commands, not whether or not the commands actually did what the operator expected them to do.  


This issue is caused by the Dagent not running tasks with elevated privileges.


GSS 3.2 RU3

GSS 3.2 RU4


A fix for this issue is attached to this tech article.  Please download the attached file and run it directly on your Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 RU4 server. 

This point fix only works on Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 RU4.  Please make certain your Ghost Solution Suite server is on that release of the product before installing this point fix (Go to Help - About within the GSS Console). The point fix installer will locate the installation folder for your Ghost Solution Suite (usually \Program Files (x86)\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server) then delete the Aclient folder. A new Aclient folder will then be created and the necessary files copied into it.

Once the flies have been updated it is suggested that you restart the Altiris Express Server service on your Ghost Solution Suite server.  Restarting the service is not necessary but will force your clients to receive the update more quickly, if you don't restart the service your clients will eventually update on their own as time allows.


AgentInstallerRU4_pointfix.exe get_app